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"Inside the Patent Factory"
Published by Wiley and Sons
"Harvesting External Innovation"
Published by Gower
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"A fundamental change in the way organisations approach innovation is taking place.  It involves cooperating and collaborating with external parties in the area of innovation and in the research and development of products and services and is driven by the simple realisation that not all the smart people work for just one organisation – it is necessary to work with smart people outside the company."  (Gower)


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Reward and Recognition

IP Data Management Systems

Avoid Jointly Owned IP


Farnborough, Hampshire - 30 September "SME Case Studies"
Farnborough, Hampshire - 28 September "IP for SMEs"
University of Limerick, Ireland - 27 September "Innovation Management" (Irish Times Innovation Roadshow)
University of Limerick, Ireland - 27 September "Open Innovation"
Farnborough, Hampshire - 19 September "SME Case Studies"
Farnborough, Hampshire - 16 August "IP for SMEs"
Abertay University, Dundee - 30 June "Open Innovation and IP"
Abertay University, Dundee - 29 June "How IP Adds Value"
Farnborough, Hampshire - 26 May "Start Your Own Business Overview"
Imperial College, London - 09 March "Managing & Licensing IP"
CPA Global, Stuttgart - 08 March "Open Innovation and the Role of IP"
Imperial College, London - 25 February "Open Innovation Models"
University of Derby - 24 February "Introduction to IP and IP Management"
University of Nottingham - 10 February "Introduction to IP and IP Management"
Grand Hotel du Lac, Vevey Switzerland - 09 February "IP Agent Network Management"
LES, Eindhoven, The Netherlands - 25 January "IP Portfolio Management"

CPA Global, Webinar for Europe - 24 November "Management of an IP Agent Network"
By Design, Leicester - 29 October "IP Management"
CPA Global, Webinar for Americas - 27 October "Management of an IP Agent Network" 
Prospect IP, London - 06 October
LexisNexis, London - 21 September "Strategies for Optimising the Value of your Portfolio"
Imperial College, London - 19 September "IP Management from a Corporate Perspective"
Imperial College, London - 16 September "Industry/University Collaboration & the Role of IP" 
Digital Spark, Dundee - 01/02 September
Prospect IP, Leicester - 27 May " IP Licensing and Valuation"
Prospect IP, Loughborough - 19 May
Prospect IP, Lecester - 13 May " Interoperability Standards and the Role of IP"
Prospect IP, Leicester - 13 May "Open Source and IP"
Prospect IP, Leicester - 13 April "Collaborative Innovation and the Role of IP"
Prospect IP, Leicester - 17 March "IP Agent Management"
Prospect IP, Leicester - 25 February "IP Management from a Corporate Perspective"
Guest Lecture, Imperial College School of Business, MBA Course, London - 23 February
Guest Lecture, University of Reading - 02 February

Prospect IP, Leicester, UK - 16 December "Innovation and Intellectual Property"
Guest Lecture, Imperial College School of Business, London - 27 November
Prospect IP, Leicester, UK - 26 November
CPA Global Conference, Paris - 04-07 October
Be Inspired, Basingstoke - 01 October
IED Best Practice Seminar, Imperial College, London - 24 February
Guest IP Lecture, University of Reading - 27 January

Understanding IPR (internal Nokia training) - 29 November
CPA Webinar, online - 20 November
IP & Open Innovation Workshop, Imperial College, London - 06 November
BIP, Sweden - 28-29 October
Annual In-house Lawyers Summit, London - 23 October
Thomson Reuters IP Seminar, Oslo - 06-07 October
AIPPI Conference, Boston - 08 September
CPA Conference Monaco - 15-18 June
Fordham-IP Academy Singapore Asia Day - 26 March
ICC, Paris - 15 May
IMEC Event, Leuven - 26 February

BODW, Hong Kong - 13 December
WIPO Exec Program, Geneva 17-19 September